Criminal Defense

Local and state governments, as well as the federal government, have extensive resources and personnel to investigate and prosecute criminal cases. But what about you and your defense? If you have been charged with a crime will you be able to locate potentially favorable witnesses? Will you be able to uncover vital information about the complaining witness that will help you win your case? If you are represented by a busy lawyer, who will be able to assist him or her, from an investigative standpoint, with your defense? Town and Country Investigations and Security, LLC has extensive experience in assisting the accused and their attorneys. Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, we can assist your lawyer by leveling the playing field by ascertaining information and locating witnesses that will help with your case.

Sometimes the individual charged with a crime is totally innocent or overcharged. Sometimes there are mitigating circumstances, such as self-defense, that should be interposed as a defense. Eyewitnesses can be mistaken, and sometimes they may even lie. And the police, often overburdened, may fail to fully investigate the alleged offense and overlook exonerating evidence. Town and Country Investigations and Security, LLC will work with you and your attorney to ensure the best possible defense.