Landlord & Tenant Investigations

Town and Country Investigations and Security, LLC has been working with landlords of residential and commercial premises for many years. Situated in New York City, we are thoroughly familiar with Rent Control and Rent Stabilization. Our expertise has enabled landlords to increase their rent rolls and evict undesirable and illegal tenants.

Non Primary Residence Investigations: Rent controlled and rent stabilized apartments in New York City are most often rented for below market rates. Many tenants of record have attempted to capitalize on this situation by maintaining their primary residence at premises other than their New York City rental and using their City apartment as a pied-a-terre or renting their rent regulated apartments to others at a premium while residing elsewhere. This invariably results in diminished income to landlords whose rent regulated apartments are subject to rent limits. This situation is especially frustrating to a landlord when he/she complies with the law and the tenant behaves with disregard for the law.

Town and Country Investigations and Security, LLC has assisted landlords in determining their tenant's primary residence so as to enable them to make informed decisions as to whether litigation is advisable. Information we have provided to landlords has resulted in increasing rent rolls by tens of thousands of dollars and additionally has resulted in landlords evicting illegal tenants. We will provide landlords with information pertaining to their tenants other residences, whether owned or rented. Where appropriate, we will employ surveillance of subjects and undercover work.

Illegal Sublets: Town and Country Investigations and Security, LLC has assisted landlords of rent regulated apartments in determining illegal sublets. Many tenants of such apartments have engaged in illegal profiteering, at the expense of landlords. In such situations, we conduct investigations to determine if the tenant of record is actually residing in the subject apartment with a sub-tenant (the roommate situation), or whether the tenant is actually residing elsewhere and charging the sub-tenant substantially more than the regulated rent, thereby entitling the landlord to recover the regulated apartment.

Succession Rights: An occupant of a rent stabilized or rent controlled apartment in New York City, may, as a "family member" of the tenant, have the right to remain in the apartment when the tenant dies or permanently leaves the apartment. Town and Country Investigations and Security, LLC has assisted landlords in determining whether the occupant resided with the tenant long enough to entitle the occupant to continue his or her occupancy of the apartment, and to determine whether the occupant is a "family member" as that term is defined by the relevant statutes.

"Family member" is defined as either a husband, wife, son, daughter, stepson, stepdaughter, father, mother, stepfather, stepmother, brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, grandson, granddaughter, father-in-law, mother-in-law, son-in-law or daughter-in-law of the tenant.

The definition of "family member" also includes any other person(s) residing with the tenant or permanent tenant in the housing accommodation as a primary resident, who can prove emotional and financial commitment and interdependence between such person(s) and the tenant ("non-traditional" family members). These individuals do not have to be blood relations of the tenant.

Town and Country Investigations and Security, LLC has extensive experience in assisting landlords to determine an occupants entitlement to continue occupancy of an apartment when the tenant of record dies or vacates the apartment. Our services have resulted in the recovery of apartments where the "occupant" did not meet the criteria established by statute and has likewise saved landlords substantial legal fees where the occupants met the requirements.

Miscellaneous Residential Services: Town and Country Investigations and Security, LLC has enabled many landlords to recover residential premises used for illegal and/or non-residential purposes. Our efforts have resulted in the eviction of drug dealers and recovery of premises used for prostitution or other commercial, non-residential purposes.

Miscellaneous Commercial Rental Services: Town and Country Investigations and Security, LLC has assisted landlords of commercial premises to determine whether those premises are being used for the purposes set forth in commercial leases, or if they are being used for illegal purposes, or otherwise in violation of the lease.