Who Are You Dating/Living With?

With the advent of Internet, fewer people are finding partners through traditional means, through common friends or families. Mr. Right may look wonderful on a matchmaking website but he is not necessarily being honest about his background or intentions. She may be exactly what you were looking for in a mate/partner, but you no longer have the ability to verify her background as you did when you were introduced by friends or family. Non-traditional introductions often require extra caution. Is he or she someone with whom you can have a successful long-term relationship? Town and Country Investigations and Security, LLC can help you discover your potential mate's background and reputation and help you make a wise choice. If you are already in a relationship we can help you find out information about your partner. Our background investigation will give you vital information about your partner's marital status, education, financial background, including any bankruptcies, judgments or liens, current employment, prior relationships and any criminal history. We will also maintain surveillance and do undercover work when appropriate. Town and Country Investigations and Security, LLC will provide you with the necessary information to help you decide if you should continue with the relationship.